How to Know If GSA Is Right for Your Business?

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You must have found about upcoming federal contracts from Set Aside Contracts and might be wondering if it is the right option for your business. If this question has been plaguing you for a long time, the following article might help you decide.

Do You Offer What GSA Buys?

The GSA is often referred to as the landlord of the federal government and buys everything that is related to the building industry. This may include but is not limited to construction supplies and services, infrastructure supplies and maintenance etc. They also offer GSA contracts to the providers of consulting and technical services.

GSA is the only source in America that is dedicated to the procurement of goods and services to be utilized by the government. The newly introduced Technology Transformation Service applies some modern technologies and methods to help improve the public’s experience of working with the government.

Do You Meet Vendor Qualifications And Requirements?

Different federal government contract have different requirements for different companies. Most of the contracts require a company to be in business for a minimum of two years and be able to show revenue of 25,000 USD for each year. Some other contracts may require some specific skills or experience. This is mostly seen in some technical service contracts. A small business information technology business might be eligible for operating in a streamlined process.

Business can get SBA certificates to qualify for some specific opportunities. These include businesses that are owned by women (Woman-Owned Small Business) or by disable veterans. There are some opportunities specially set aside for disadvantaged businesses. Although the federal procurement process may seem complicated at first glance, the government has been working on it in order to offer more simplified and streamlined process. You can also put in some time and effort to understand the process on your part.