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An Ultimate DIY Guide to Making Your Own E-Juice

People who have been vaping for quite some time might experience something called the vaper’s tongue that diminishes their ability to taste the e-juice flavors. This may happen suddenly and without warning and drastically reduce their vaping experience. This generally happens when you have been smoking similar flavors for a long time. If you are in search of some new, cheap e juice flavors, what’s better than making one yourself? Here’s what you need:

PG or VG

Usually referred to as PG or VG, you need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to make your own cheap e liquid. They are known as the diluent and form the base of the liquid. PG is a chemical compound that has an organic composition. This doesn’t cause an alteration in the original flavor and delivers a strong throat hit. VG is slightly thicker and sweeter compound. High VG content is preferred by those who don’t mind a slight alteration in the flavor of the liquid and want to see big vape clouds.

Diluted Nicotine

If you are using diluted nicotine in your e-juice, keep in mind that it has a flavor of its own and might make the liquid taste different if the recipe calls for high nicotine content. However, nicotine can be harmful in high concentrations and this is why many vapers prefer to keep their nicotine content to a bare minimum while concentrating more on flavor. Some people prefer their e-liquids with zero nicotine content.


Of course you are going to need some flavor. There are a variety of flavors available and you can combine a few to create your new favorite formula. Remember that food flavoring and e-flavoring products are different and only a flavoring substance specially designed for e-juices will give you the desired taste.

When making your own e-juice, be equipped with some common materials that you are likely to need like bottles, containers, and gloves.